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capital markets to c▓a

concerned over the glo▓bal economic growth potential, as the U.S.-China trade war has deteriorated at a much faster speed that exceeded most people's expectations.U.▓S. financial services firm Moody's also said in a note th▓at the escalation of trade tensions▓ would increasingly weigh on the global economy and supply chains "in an environment of already decelerating growth in the U.S., the euro area and China, with the uncertainty dampening business investment and

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  • lows.""We would
    view Monday's moves as a reminder th

    trade ▓flows."An extended period of trade conflic▓ts could cause "more downward pressure▓ on global trade and growth momentum," said BofA Mer▓rill Lynch economists, adding that there would be grea

  • at the yua
    n exchange rate may reflect external

    ter uncertainty that weighs on business investment, and ti▓ghter financial conditions if markets continue to react negatively."With no end in sight, there are▓ significant downside risks to our

headwinds, rath

er than the st

art of a competiti▓ve devaluation p

forecasts for U.S. and global growth. If the trade war escalates -- this could include a more explicit currency war -- uncertainty would be considerably ▓higher and financial conditions much t▓ighter," they cautioned."Consumers will also be hit more directly from this latest round of

tarif▓fs since there is a greater share of consumer goods in this basket of imports," they added.More▓ significantly, from Sachs' perspective, U.S. protectionist p

olicy," they said.Th

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e People's Ban

k of China (PBOC),

or China's central b▓ank, said Tuesday

olicies represent "the ▓biggest threat" to the global open system in modern times, as international trade is based on a mutually ben▓eficial, not winner-or-loser mentality."Trade▓ wars are bad, and easy to lose. In ▓fact, everybody is losing," Sachs wrote.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPleas

e scan the QR Code to follow us on Wech▓at13 kill

that China will not u▓se the currency

ed, 23 injured in Saudi-led airstrike on market in Yemen's Saada13 killed, 23 injured in Saudi-led airstrike on market in Yemen▓'s Saada13 killed, 23 injured in Saudi-le▓d airstrike on market in Yemen's Saada07-30-2019 09:18 BJTAirstrike victims receive medical treatment in a hospital in Saada, Yemen, on Ju

ly 29, 2019. At least 13 people were killed when a

as a tool to deal wi

th trade disputes an▓d th

Saudi-led coalition airstrike hit a popular market in Yemen's

e U.S. label does not

northern prov▓ince of Saada on Monday evening, residents and a

meet the quantitativ

medic said. (Photo by Mohammed Mohammed/Xinhua)Please ▓scan

e criteria for the so-

the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the Q▓R Code t

called "curren▓cy manipul

o follow us on WechatShanghai-London stock connect, a step for

ator" set by the U.S.

ward in China's opening-u▓pShanghai-London stock connect, a ste

Treasur▓y."Though the

p forward in China▓'s opening-upShanghai-London stock connect,

U.S. has continued to

a step f▓orward in China's opening-up06-18-201▓9 09:28 BJTChin

escalate the trade

ese Vice Premier Hu Chunhua (2nd R, front) and British Chancel

dispute since early 2018,

lor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond (3rd R, front) attend th

China has kept its

promise of not carrying out competiti

e launch ceremony▓ of Shanghai-London Stock Connect in London, Britain, June 17, 2019. The Shanghai-London Stock Connect prog▓ram opened for trading Monday, a new step for China's financial market to further open up to the world. (Xinhua/Han Yan) Ple?/p>

坅se scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease

ed and will not us

e the RMB

exchange rate as a tool to deal with

sca▓n the QR Code to follow us on WechatCommentary: China's unreliable entities list a guardian of market orderCommentary: China's unreliable e▓ntities list a guardian of market orderCommentary: China▓'s unreliable entities list a guardian of market order06-04-2019 09:08 BJTBEIJING, June 3 -- By introducing an unrel

frictions," the PBOC said in an onl

iab▓le entities list targeting rule-break▓ers, China aims to ensure a reliable market environment for those who abide by the rules.The Ministry o▓f Commerce on Saturday outlined factors for consid▓eration in listing unreliable foreign entities to warn ▓market disruptors.China will consider whether the▓ foreign entity

ement.Although the CNY wou

has adopted discriminatory measures on▓ Chinese entities including a blockade or supply c▓ut, whether the foreign entity violates market rules or contract spirit for non-commercial purposes, whether it causes actual damage to Chinese firms or rel▓ated industries, and whether it poses ac▓tual or potential threats to

r downward pressure in the short ter

China's national security, acco▓rding to the ministry.The timely counte▓rmeasure is a rightful answer to the unj▓ustifiable clampdown on Chinese entities and a st▓rong defense of the rules-based multilateral tr▓ading system.Some countries have imposed discriminatory measures such as blocking and cutting s▓upplies on

of th▓e ong

oing trade war, it still h

Chinese firms for non-commercial purposes. Putt▓ing a "national security" tag o

ace to fluctuate, Ti

n such actions could not whitewash their fouls as abuses of long-arm jurisdict

ad of global ma▓rkets of

ion measures and typical cases of state will ▓trampling on market forces.The

based investment bank AM

legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies have been damaged, and

tional, told Xinhua on Mon

the costs are being passed on to the global industry and supply chains as the

lieve in PBOC's capab

world economy is highly interwoven. Many more com▓panies and consumers could

keeping the y▓uan stable)

suffer losses.Wit▓hout a normal order, things could go terri▓bly wrong. The un

very concerned," he said.R

reliable entities list is also expected to deter similar breaches of internati



onal economic and trade▓ rules as well as the multilateral trading system.The best way to contain unreliable entities is to enforce the rule of law. When they are flag▓ged, the rule-abiding firms can bypass ▓the business landmine field.The list also underscores China's commitment to creating a better business envi

lopments ove

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r tariffs and cu


profits, and markets," said UB

ronment. As China keeps widening its opening-up, it has also devoted great▓ efforts to safeguarding the legitimate▓ rights and interests of both domestic and foreign com▓panies.China will keep making thi

S st▓rategists.The "unexpecte

ngs easier for foreign companies that comply with laws and rule▓s. The negative list for foreign investme▓nt is getting shorter and shorter, and legal pr▓otection of foreign investment is growing stron

d" U.S. labeling has caught

ger. By punishing rule-breakers, a stab▓le, fair and sustainable order of trade between enterprises can be ensured and a reliable business environment maintained. Please scan the▓ QR Code to f

global financial markets off g

ollow us on InstagramPlease scan the▓ QR Code to follow us on WechatTrump's new tariffs on Mexi▓co "wakeup call" to global markets, says U.S. ▓economistTrump's new tariffs on Mexico "wakeup call" to g▓lob

uard, fueling market panic o

al markets, says U.S. economistTrump's new tariffs on▓ Mexico "wakeup call" to global markets, says U.▓S. economist06-03-2019 09:57 BJTWASHINGTON, June 2 -- A renowned economist said that U.S. President D

ver a long-term U.S.-China tra

▓onald Trump's plan to impose a 5-perc▓ent tariff on all imposed goods from Mexico "raises a danger" to the U.S. and global economies "well beyond" his tariff measures to date, which should be a "wake

de▓ dis

pute, Fang

up call" to financial markets.In an article published on Friday, Adam Posen, president of the Washington-based Peterson Institute for▓ International Economics, said threatening▓ Mexico with a tariff over the migration issue -- despi▓te the overall trade agreement in the United States-Mexico▓-Can


ada Agreement (USMCA) -- "marks a turning point."If tariffs can be raised by ▓"unilateral presidential decree," linked to border policy not the economic relationship, Posen said, markets will rea▓lize that it's not likely for the U.S. president to deliver a trade deal with its trade partners

is irrespo

. He added that "no government will want to make a deal with the United States at all.""By weaponizing tariffs, Trump makes evident that he is dr▓iven in trade policy by his ideologi▓c

nsible o

al and perhaps political agenda rather than an▓y tactics to improve U.S. bargaining leverage,"▓ Posen said.The U.S. president on Thursday said he would impose a 5-percent tariff on all imp

f the U.S.

orted Mexican goods beginning June 10 so as to pressure the country to halt undocumented migran▓ts crossing the border, and will gradually increase tariffs until the problem is remedied


.The proposed measures, Posen said, have already led to a "widespread selloff," which is different from previous cases. That even some of the safe-haven flows are going into German government securi▓ties and the euro, away from U.S. Treasuries or doll▓ars, strongly suggests that "concerns about th▓e U.S. economy are rising," he said.The macroeconomic impact of the latest actions is likely to be much higher now than the direct e

n to desig

ffe▓ct of the tariffs themselves, Posen warned. First, he expe▓cted a "significant persistent" equity market drop, which will have wealth effects on consumption and investment. Second, t

▓nate Chi

  • na as a curren
    cy manipulator

    he delay and diminishment of productive cross-border investment, including investments into the United States, will worsen.Additionally, he argued, the direct impact on the auto industry is bou▓nd to be "sharp and fast," if the 5-percent tarif

  • ," Fang said.
    "The U.S. go

    f is implemented."By citing a national emergency over a long-term problem like immigrat▓ion in order to punish an ally like Mexico, President Trump▓ has abused his authority to invoke emergency measures in the face of a genui▓ne national securit

  • vernment once
    took the initi

    y threat," Posen said."If th▓e Republican Senate Majority does not sho▓w backbone in standing up to Preside▓nt Trump on this abuse, and if it le▓ts stand the administration's usurpation of Cong▓ressional prerogatives in the trade and ▓foreign pol


to depreciate

icy areas, that alone will reinforce the markets'▓ correct perception that the world has become too uncertain for many investments," he continued.Posen said that markets are awak▓ening to an "overlooked or underpriced syst

the U.S. dolla

emic ris▓k.""Market anxiety should spread as other countries start invoking Trump's brand of national security excuse to engage in protectionism against ▓the United States and others," he said. "Such actions could easily

r to incentivi

spiral into a gl▓obal free-for-all of retaliation and protectionism." Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChina鈥檚 mar▓ket with 1.4 billion consumers too bi

ze e▓

er the f

g for the U.S▓. to containChina鈥檚 market with 1.4 billion consumers too big for the U.S. to contai▓nChina鈥檚 market with 1.4 billion consumers too big for the U.S. to contain05-25-2019 12:16 BJTNote: The follo▓wing art

inancial cri

icle is taken from the Chinese-langua▓ge "Commentaries on International Affairs".A slew of foreign companies have quickly responded to reports tha▓t they've severed their ties with Huawei, after the United States government imposed restrictions on trade with the C▓hinese tech firm. Th

sis. But i

ese include Japan's ▓Panasonic and Toshiba, as well as Britain's mobile operator EE. Germany's Infineon has also issued a clarification after reports that said it had cut supplies ▓to Huawei led to a slump

t was seld

om questioned."What's wors

in its share prices. American trade restrictions on Huawei are unpopular with many multinationals becaus▓e their business interests are being severely damaged. And it is impossible for Washington to contain the vast Chinese market and its 1.4 billion consumers.The moves by these companies are und

e, Steven Gu

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erstandable, as they've probably learnt a le

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